Book Review

THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley (Out 6/2/2020)

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I picked up THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley from BOTM in April. I was thrilled to get a free advance listener copy with thanks to LibroFM, Harper Audio, William Morrow Books and Lucy Foley for the chance to provide a review!

THE GUEST LIST takes place on a remote island in Ireland, the chosen site for a celebrity wedding with an exclusive guest list. As the book opens, the wedding party is beginning to arrive before the actual wedding day. Alternating narratives come from the bride, the bride’s best friend’s wife, the best man, the wedding planner and the bride’s sister bridesmaid. The relationships are not all friendly, but the points of contention aren’t immediately clear. A storm is building outside, just as a stormy blowup is beginning inside.

On the night of the wedding, the lights go out and a scream is heard out in the night. Soon it comes clear that something terrible has happened, though it isn’t clear what. The book bounces back and forth across time, giving glimpses of the wedding night and the day before, unraveling the mystery of what happened that night and everything that led up to the tragic moment.

I loved this one and the audio was fantastic! This book carried with it a very sinister feel, from the gloomy and creepy cover to the tone of the audio. Lucy Foley keeps you on your toes until the very end of the book, wondering what has happened and why. As the various characters reveal more and more of their past and their potential motives to turn on each other, there is no shortage of suspects in whatever has happened.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley yet, I highly recommend adding it to your next BOTM box or picking up a copy when it is out on 6/2/2020!

3 thoughts on “THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley (Out 6/2/2020)”

  1. I just finished reading The Hunting Party and I’m keen to read her other books. I didn’t read your review too closely—I’ll come back to it once I’ve read the book. 😊

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