Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

I had not heard of SONGS FROM THE DEEP by Kelly Powell prior to receiving it in an Unplugged Book Box but the cover immediately caught my eye and the premise drew me in. I was in need of a change of pace read and was in a mystery mood, so I finally picked this one up!

SONGS FROM THE DEEP follows Moira, a young woman fascinated by the sirens that inhabit the waters around the island where she lives. The sirens can use their songs to lure people to the waters and their death, Moira is obsessed with observing them and getting as close as she can to play her own violin music. When one of Moira’s young music students is found dead along the beach, everyone assumes it is the result of a siren attack. Moira, however, is not convinced and she enlists her old childhood friend Jude to help her find the killer.

I really enjoyed the mythology the author develops around the sirens in this book. She develops an intricate set of rules around them and ways in which humans and sirens manage to co-exist. The book had a good sense of atmosphere as well, dealing with grief and loss with each of the main characters. The animosity between the humans and the sirens built up well also. I didn’t always feel entirely connected to Moira and did lose focus here and there along the way, but overall enjoyed the story.

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