Book Review

LEGEND by Marie Lu

Rating: 4 / 5

I picked up LEGEND by Marie Lu at a local used bookstore thinking that it was a series that I had wanted to get to, but hadn’t yet. Shortly thereafter I remembered that I had actually read book one (and enjoyed it) a couple years back and it was the rest of the series I had wanted to get to. Even knowing that, purely based on checking Goodreads, it had been a while since I last read LEGEND and there was very little I remembered so I was glad to reread this one to start the series over again.

Set in an unknown future time, the western U.S. is now the Republic. The nation is very militaristic with constant wars against its neighbors. The class divide is huge between those born to privilege and those born with almost no means to survive. There is a deadly plague also at play and only those who can afford medications are likely to survive.

June is a fifteen year old who is being groomed to follow in her older brother’s footsteps, excelling in her training to be part of the Republic’s military. Day is June’s opposite, born in the slums, living a life of crime to try to support his family. When June’s brother is murdered during Day’s theft of medication for his family, Day is fingered and June vows revenge.

I really enjoyed this one again the second time around. It took a few chapters before some of the details of the book started to come back to me, but it still had a few twists that I had forgotten the first time around. Written in alternating chapters between June’s and Day’s points of view, the author has given us two very different looks at the Republic and I enjoyed the world building.

I hadn’t thought about the plague aspect as sat down to read this one in the midst of our current situation, so that felt a bit close to home. Even so, this was a quick and fun read and I look forward to continuing the series, hopefully before I forget the first book again!

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