Book Review

SAFE by S. K. Barnett (Out Today!)

I received a complimentary egalley of SAFE by S. K. Barnett for an honest review. Thank you to Dutton Books and Netgalley!

Publication Date: 6/9/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

SAFE begins with a missing young girl. Twelve years ago, Jenny’s mother sent her out to play with a friend a couple doors down, but Jenny never arrives. The community rallies to set up searches, post fliers and bring Jenny home, but the case quickly goes cold and the missing signs slowly begin to fade and be plastered over. Now, all these years later a young woman comes into town claiming to be Jenny, returning home to her overjoyed family. But are her claims true?

The premise of this one had me intrigued. I received the approval on Netgalley for this ARC yesterday and I was so excited to get to it, I shoved all my other current reads aside. I didn’t quite manage to make it to the end last night, but I jumped right back in this morning and finished it before logging in to work (only a little late).

On the surface, this sounds like a decent thriller with a not too unusual plot setup. When a family reunion seems a bit too good to be true, I expect there to be a twist. The initial plot twist (which admittedly was what I expected) happens very early on in the story and the twists just keep coming after that! Some things I suspected and a few things I absolutely did not.

I especially enjoyed following Jenny on her journey. I can’t speak in detail about some of the elements of her character I liked without getting into spoilers, but she’s smart and resourceful, though flawed. There are plenty of characters with questionable actions and motives to leave the reader guessing.

This book does have a lot of potentially triggering content, so do be aware going into it. Given the premise of a young girl kidnapped and kept for years, I didn’t find it to be unexpected or overly graphic given the nature of the story.

I flew through this novel in less than a day because in spite of many distractions, this one kept me hooked and kept me reading! SAFE by S. K. Barnett is out today and I absolutely recommend it for the thriller fans!

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