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Rating: 4 / 5

I had the pleasure of meeting author S.L. Huang at an author event last summer and I was intrigued by her description of her protagonist Cas Russell, a woman who uses math as her super power! I immediately added the first book in the series onto my TBR!

ZERO SUM GAME by S.L. Huang introduces the reader to Cas and her incredible mathematical abilities. Cas has a short temper and a propensity to turn to violence. She is able to take what appear to be insane risks because the math that runs through her mind constantly allows her to instantly calculate the appropriate moves and angles to do the most daring of deeds from making a perfect shot to jumping from an incredible height.

As a retrieval specialist, Cas is hired for a rescue operation, but finds herself in a situation she doesn’t entirely understand. It turns out the woman who hired her isn’t who she appears to be and Cas is confronted by some unique villains with powers of their own. Soon Cas realizes she can’t always trust her own abilities and she must make some new allies to get herself out of danger.

This was such a fun read! It starts out with a lot of action and keeps that going throughout. This makes for a quick, page-turning read and perfect for a weekend binge! I really enjoyed Cas as a character. She’s smart and strong, but also dark. She has a short fuse which leads to some interesting relationships and complications along the way.

The plot is part sci-fi, part superhero movie, part mystery thriller. There were some questions that I would have liked to dive a bit deeper into, but given that this is book one in a series (book three was just recently released), I don’t entirely expect to get all the answers right away. This has left me very intrigued to continue the series so I’ll be keeping an eye out for NULL SET and the most recent release CRITICAL POINT!

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