Book Review

THE CHICKEN SISTERS by K.J. Dell’Antonia (Out 12/1/2020)

Thank you to Putnam Books for the free review copy of THE CHICKEN SISTERS by KJ Dell’Antonia!

Revised Publication Date: 12/1/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

 In a small town in Kansas, years ago, two sisters started two competing fried chicken restaurants, Mimi’s and Frannie’s. The family business and the family rivalry have been passed down through the generations until an even bigger scandal in recent years, Amanda from Mimi’s married Frank and went to work with his family at Frannie’s! Sadly Frank has since passed away, but Amanda is still being distanced from her family.

Amanda sends an email to the Food Wars reality TV restaurant competition because the family feud seems right up their alley. There is $100K on the line for the winner if she can talk both families into participating. Amanda’s sister Mae happens to have just hit a snag in her career as an organizational guru and her marriage is a bit rocky, so she packs up her kids and heads home to help her mother and get some screen time while she’s at it. Soon the sisters are going head to head as family secrets are revealed and lines are crossed.

I tend to enjoy books that center around food and this one was no different! THE CHICKEN SISTERS brings family drama and humor as the families and even the town get into the spirit of the Food Wars! Of course reality TV isn’t entirely natural so you’ve got the producer there to stir the pot and ramp up the drama. Things get pushed to an extreme more than once, but that just adds to the entertainment value and good television.

This was just the light-hearted read I needed when I picked it up. It hits on some heavier topics (family, grief and mental health), but doesn’t dive too deep into these issues. There is more commentary on the reality TV circuit and the public attention and internet trolls it garners.

If you’re looking for a good, fun family drama this is a book that belongs on your TBR. Having a serving of fried chicken and homemade biscuits on the side wouldn’t hurt either!

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