Book Review

WAKING GODS and ONLY HUMAN by Sylvain Neuvel

Rating: 4 / 5

SLEEPING GIANTS by Sylvain Neuvel was the September book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram and I really enjoyed it. I immediately added books two and three of the Themis Files trilogy, WAKING GODS and ONLY HUMAN, to my shelf and there they sat for far too long. I finally managed to fit WAKING GODS into my TBR for May to get back to the series. After really enjoying WAKING GODS, I immediately downloaded the audio for ONLY HUMAN so I didn’t let six months go by again before continuing.

In the first novel, Rose Franklin is exploring on her new bike when she falls down a mysterious hole, resting in the palm of a giant metal hand. As the book continues, Rose is a physicist leading a team of scientists to find the hand’s origin. I can’t say much about the plot of books two or three without giving major spoilers for book one.

The series is told in a unique format, through transcripts and recorded documents. I read the first book in print, but after hearing how great the audio was, I did audio for the majority of books two and three. The audio is done through multiple narrators and though there was one particular narrator that I didn’t especially enjoy, overall I thought the production was great.

After more than six months since the first book, I was really impressed with how well the author rehashed the key points of the first book. It was the perfect amount to remind myself of what had happened without it being too much repetition. I think book two wound up being my favorite of the three (though that might have been different had I experienced the audio for book one as I think that would have impacted my experience).

Overall, I really though the series as a whole was great and would highly recommend it, particularly on audio!

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