Book Review

CRIMSON LAKE by Candice Fox

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I received CRIMSON LAKE by Candice Fox a year ago in a book box and have been wanting to get to it ever since. Set in Australia, this was a perfect pick when I needed a book set in the southern hemisphere.

CRIMSON LAKE follows Ted Conkaffey, a man whose life has fallen apart. After a chance encounter with a young girl who went missing shortly later, Ted was accused of her abduction. He lost his job with the police, his wife and daughter and pretty much anything that meant anything to him even though it was determined there wasn’t enough evidence to actually press charges. Though free now, he’s still the target of heavy police scrutiny and abuse. Ted is introduced to private investigator Amanda Pharrell who was convicted of a murder when she was young, though that conviction is somewhat questionable as well. Ted agrees to work with her on a new case in which a popular author has gone missing.

This was a fun read. It certainly takes a look at police abuses when it comes to their interactions with Ted in particular, but it mixes that with some fun and quirky characters. Ted opens the book by drunkenly taking in a family of geese. Amanda is prone to speaking in rhyme and she has Ted asking questions about all that happened to her.

In addition to the missing author, the book does reveal more about the cases against Amanda and Ted. The residents of Crimson Lake are also none too happy to have the infamous Ted in their mix and Ted has a lot of hurdles to overcome there. While the case actively being investigated wasn’t always the focus, it took some twists that I didn’t see coming and I didn’t predict the ending which is always a bonus.

This is the first book in a (currently) three book series and I am interested to continue on. The audio for this one was well done, so I’ll likely pick up book two on audio as well!

Reading Challenges:

#AroundTheYearIn52Books – a book set in the southern hemisphere

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