Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Thank you to Kensington Publishing Corporation and Bookish First for the complimentary ARC of THE SUICIDE HOUSE by Charlie Donlea (pub date 7/28/2020)!

Not surprisingly, last week felt really long again, but thankfully it wound up ending on some happy notes with my best friend’s birthday and at least one positive outcome at work to wrap up a painful week. The weekend was pretty good too with a couple fun buddy read chats and an actual meal out at at a local sushi restaurant for some outdoor dining. Still, Monday came far too fast, but coffee and knowing it is a short week do help!

My final (probably) ARC of the month is THE SUICIDE HOUSE by Charlie Donlea. I loved his SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS so when I saw this on Bookish First, I cashed in my points to grab a copy even before I realized that this book is book two in the series bringing back the characters I enjoyed from book one: forensic reconstructionist Rory Moore and psychologist Lane Phillips. I am about a quarter of the way in and this one has me hooked! I suspect I’ll be flying through the rest of this one before the month is over!

THE SUICIDE HOUSE begins with a big intro. At Westmont Preparatory High School in Indiana, a group of students get caught up in a scary game revolving around the Man in the Mirror, but something goes horribly wrong. Two students are brutally killed and a teacher is fingered as the murderer. A year later, the story has become the center of media attention in a hit podcast which reexamines the events of 2019 and the investigation that followed. Potentially even more important is the question of why survivors of that gruesome night seem compelled to return to the scene to commit suicide.

In addition to this one, I actually only have one other in progress read. THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR by Shari Lapena is my current audiobook and I’ve only got a couple hours to go to finish this one up. In this one Anne and Marco are due next door for a birthday dinner when their baby sitter cancels. Since they aren’t going far, they take the baby monitor with them and check on the baby every half hour so they can have an evening with friends. When they return home a little after 1am, the door is ajar and baby Cora is missing. This one is a very slow burn domestic suspense with a cast of characters full of dark secrets. I’m enjoying this one and hope to finish this one up today!

How was your weekend? What are you hoping to finish up for June?

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