Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Hello book friends and Happy (?) Monday! When my alarm went off this morning I was seriously confused. Surely it couldn’t be Monday already? My weekend was pretty okay overall. I did have to spend some time out on Saturday which left me with some sunburn and a few bug bites, but other than that the weekend was mainly abut reading which was fantastic. I managed to read five books (admittedly many of them quite short) and part of a sixth for a 48-hour readathon which was a ton of fun. The readathon ended at 4p my time Sunday afternoon, but I still managed to start a couple more.

Last night I picked up NORTHANGER ABBEY by Jane Austen. I have quite a few friends on booksta who are huge Austen fans and I’ve commented on a ton of posts that I really want to revisit her writing. In many, many years past I did read through the majority of her works for a college class, but I haven’t picked her up again since. When I saw my friends @dees.reads and@glitterandplato were hosting a buddy read for NORTHANGER ABBEY this month, I decided to join in.

NORTHANGER ABBEY follows Catherine Morland, a girl that did not have the makings to be the heroine of her own story in her youth. She came from a perfectly decent if blah family with a lot of siblings as equally plain as she herself was. She is described as a bit of a tomboy, preferring the boys’ games to the pursuits in which women are meant to occupy themselves. With all this, it comes as a surprise to all when Catherine grows up well with the potential to be a heroine after all. Arrangements are made for Catherine to enter the social scene in Bath with appropriate guardians and Catherine is off to find her adventure. I’m only a few chapters in (and have a ways to go before the first chat!), but I am really enjoying Jane Austen’s writing and her commentary on Catherine’s world.

In addition to this one, I did start one more book during the readathon that I didn’t finish:

YOU LOOK LIKE A THING AND I LOVE YOU by Janelle Shane is a nonfiction book that looks at Artificial Intelligence. It takes a look at how AI works, its benefits and limitations. The book was born out of the author’s blog AI Weirdness wherein she creates AI to do things like generate names, create new recipes and develop new pickup lines (hence the title of the book). I’ve done part of the book so far on audio, but the print includes illustrations that are well worth reading along for! So far I’m really enjoying this!

How was your weekend? What are you currently reading?

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