Book Review

BEHIND THE RED DOOR by Megan Collins (Out 8/4/2020)

I received a complimentary copy of BEHIND THE RED DOOR by Megan Collins. Thank you to Atria and Netgalley for the chance to read for an honest review!

Publication Date: 8/4/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

BEHIND THE RED DOOR follows Fern Douglas. When she sees on the news that a woman named Astrid Sullivan has gone missing, Fern feels like she knows the woman but she can’t figure out how. Even more bizarre, this is the second time Astrid has been missing. As a child she was abducted and held for a couple weeks and the released with no culprit identified.

Fern travels to her home town in New Hampshire to help her father prepare to move in spite of a strained relationship. While there she picks up a copy of Astrid’s recently published memoir about her first abduction. As Fern reads it, she becomes more and more sure she has some connection to Astrid in her past and her dreams and emerging memories seem to support the idea. With few answers to her many questions, Fern sets out to understand what has happened to Astrid and to her younger self.

For me the summer means BBQs and thrillers and this was the perfect summer read for me! I sat down one afternoon over lunch to start this one and before I knew it, I had whipped through the entire thing! This was a twisty read and it kept me hooked throughout. There were some things I saw coming, but there were aspects that still took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure how this would entirely play out!

Fern is a great nuanced character. She struggles with her mental health and trying to find balance in her life. Early on we learn from Fern’s husband that Fern’s dad is not going to be a likable man, but man is he a frustrating character (in a good way). Fern’s parents were less concerned with being good parents and more concerned with their own academic and artistic pursuits. As Fern begins to question her own memories from her childhood, the lack of information her own parents have about her is amazing!

This is one that I would recommend for thriller fans for a twisty read and I will be reading more from Megan Collins! Find out what is BEHIND THE RED DOOR when Megan Collin’s book is released on August 4, 2020!

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