Book Review

CONFESSIONS by Kanae Minato

Rating: 4 / 5

I have seen a few reviews mentioning CONFESSIONS by Kanae Minato as a good, dark and twisty read so of course I had to add it to my TBR. Originally written in Japanese and translated by Stephen Snyder, it was the perfect pick for a book translated from an Asian language.

CONFESSIONS begins with Yuko Moriguchi, a single mother and middle school teacher. On her last day of work Yuko is standing in front of her class with a final message to give. The book opens with her lecture written out as if the reader is one of the students in the class. She touches on several highlights of the school year like the free milk program and low points as well including the loss of her daughter in a tragic accident at school, but her intentions in delivering this lecture are to reveal that the people responsible for her daughter’s death are in this very class and her final lecture reveals the revenge she has set out to enact.

This book is hard to talk about without getting into spoilers, especially since it is a pretty short read but it is very dark with twisted kids, twisted adults and a lot of bad behavior. It for sure took dark turns that I absolutely didn’t see coming. I read this one on audio in the space of a day and the audiobook was fantastic. Different segments of the book are written from different POV characters and the two narrators helped to capture the different voices well!

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Reading Challenges:

#ReadingWomenChallenge – a book translated from an Asian language

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