Book Review

THE ANOMALY by Michael Rutger

Rating: 4 / 5

THE ANOMALY by Michael Rutger is a book that I picked up after seeing a few bookstagrammers discussing it last year. The main character was described as Indiana Jones meets X-Files so I was instantly intrigued. When I asked for suggestions for lesser known books that deserve more attention, this one was mentioned again so it was finally time to pick it up!

THE ANOMALY follows Nolan Moore, an archaeologist who hosts a docu-series exploring conspiracy theories and the fantastic, regularly dismissed by “real” science. The the latest episode, Nolan and crew are setting out into the Grand Canyon to find a cavern unknown to modern man, but discussed in the journals of an explorer from 1909. Just as they are about to film their ‘aw, shucks, at least we tried’ video to round out the investigation, someone spots something and soon they’re stepping foot in the cavern no one thought was real and confronting dangers that no one could have expected.

I really enjoyed this book and I flew through it, mainly on audio. Apart from the brief Goodreads blurb, I went into this one blind and that really is the best way to approach it because this one takes some crazy turns! This book brings an interesting group of characters together to face some really wild situations that defy belief. Still the way the people interact with eachother and their environment comes across in a believable way.

There is a sequel to this one that I am curious to pick up (though the reviews have been less glowing). I think this one definitely fit the definition of a “hidden gem” perfectly and it is one I’d recommend if you want a good adventure story with a bit of horror and little gore mixed in!

Reading Challenges:

#AroundTheYearin52Books – an underrated book, a hidden gem or a lesser known book

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