Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE RAGE OF DRAGONS by Evan Winter was the June/July book for the Magic Mayhem Reads buddy read on Instagram. I didn’t know much about this one going in, but the dragons had me intrigued. Plus it gave me a good excuse to pull out my drag on necklace!

THE RAGE OF DRAGONS is set in a world at war. The Omehi people have been fighting for generations and as such war is at the center of their entire civilization. They have a firmly established caste system between those born with special gifts high in the ranks and those who are not who are sent to the front lines to fight and to fall.

Our central character Tau is born without a gift and he knows his only option is to train to fight and hope for survival and escape to settle down with his girl to raise a family. Tragedy strikes and Tau’s plans all change to a singular focus on revenge. Now his training is serious and he’s determined to rise in the ranks in order to enact his plan.

I really enjoyed THE RAGE OF DRAGONS and I was quickly hooked into the story. The Omehi people are ruled by a powerful Queen and I enjoyed learning the magic system wherein the women may have a rare gift to be able to call down dragons and the gifted men have the ability to transform into fierce warriors. is ruled by a queen and the women are the ones with a gift to call down dragons in battle. I haven’t typically been big on war based novels and the focus on so many battles at times lost my attention a bit, but in general I enjoyed the action packed story.

Tau is at times a challenging character. His single focused rage and blood thirst was at times hard to feel for as it led him to make some poor decision. That said, his reasons were understandable and I found myself rooting for him even as he made some missteps. I did expect a bit more depth in the side characters and particularly the women, but I thought that Tau was well developed.

I read the majority of this one on audio and thought the narration was excellent. The next installment in this series, THE FIRES OF VENGEANCE, is due out in November and I will look to pick up the audio for that one as well to see where the author takes Tau’s story next.

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