Book Review

ROSEWATER by Tade Thompson

Rating: 3.5 / 5

ROSEWATER by Tade Thompson was the July book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. This is a buddy read that introduces me to new authors and books that haven’t been on my radar, so I immediately took advantage of my newly semi-reopened library to get a copy!

ROSEWATER is the name of a town in Nigeria where people have congregated around a strange alien biodome. People come to the dome hoping for healing and transformation and ultimately to get a look inside. Like others, proximity to the dome has given Kaaro mind reading abilities. He has been recruited to work for the government by using these skills. Though he really wants little to do with the dome, he learns that those like him are starting to die off. To save himself, Kaaro must find a way to get answers about the dome and it’s impact.

There was a lot that I liked about ROSEWATER. The alien biodome and the mysteries surrounding it really had me intrigued early on and eager to see where the story was going. The dome and its varied affects on people kept me guessing because it was hard to know what was coming next! The audio for the book was well done as well.

There were a few things that the book left me wishing for, however. In some ways, the varied ways the biodome impacted people’s lives was almost too broad which didn’t allow for a lot of depth in exploring any of them. For example, the dome raises some from the dead who then walk around essentially as zombies and I expected this to have more impact on the plot than it wound up having.

Overall this is an interesting world! There are more books in this particular series and I am feeling a bit ambivalent on whether I want to pick them up or not. Still, I do want to look into the author’s other works in the future!

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