Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I have been saying that I wanted to revisit Jane Austen for a while now. I read most of her works for a class in college, but haven’t picked up any Austen since and I have quite a few friends who are ardent Jane fans! When my friends Dee and Megan announced they’d be doing a buddy read for NORTHANGER ABBEY in July, I signed up!

NORTHANGER ABBEY follows Catherine Morland, a woman described by our narrator as rather unfortunate looking and from a rather blah family. She is more of a tomboy than a proper lady, so everyone is quite shocked when she grows up to be a pretty young woman who might be able to catch a young man’s eye. Taken in by a couple willing to introduce her onto the social scenes at Bath, Catherine makes new friends and catches more than one eye as she learns to navigate this foreign world.

I really enjoyed NORTHANGER ABBEY! I loved Jane Austen’s rather snarky voice coming through the narrator as she comments on the social realm and society’s preferences for what a proper young lady should be. Catherine is a great character to follow as an introduction to Austen’s world as well. Being rather a novice on the social scene, Catherine gives the reader an opportunity to learn the ins and outs along with her.

NORTHANGER ABBEY also has quite a bit to say about literature and about society’s displeasure in the idea of a young lady reading. Catherine is a big fan of novels, an attribute most of us can certainly side with her on. The impact of literature on her imagination for both the good and the bad can certainly be seen.

I am really glad that I made the decision to join in for the buddy read of NORTHANGER ABBEY and thank @dees.reads and @glitterandplato for hosting!

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