Book Review

THE VOTING BOOTH by Brandy Colbert

Rating: 4 / 5

I received a complimentary audiobook copy of THE VOTING BOOTH by Brandy Colbert for an honest review. Thank you to Libro FM, Dreamscape Media and the author for the chance to read and review!

THE VOTING BOOTH finds Marva excited for her first opportunity to vote on election day. She’s very politically minded and determined to make a difference in the world, including making a difference with her vote. Duke is a little less motivated with a lot more on his mind than voting, but he’s showing up to do his civic duty. Unfortunately he learns he’s not registered at the polling place when he shows up. Marva sees Duke turned away and though she doesn’t know how he’ll vote, she is determined she will ensure his vote is counted, no matter the number of mishaps and distractions get in the way.

While I don’t read a lot of YA contemporary, this one called to me when Libro FM had it on offer. In my junior and senior year of college, I got involved in elections through my roommates, helping around election day when a professor from my college was voted into congress and then rallying around his widow when she ran for office to fill his seat after his passing. After I graduated, I stayed on as paid staff for her campaign which was an amazing and exhausting experience. One thing that I learned from that experience is that the youth vote makes a huge difference. In our area getting college students registered and voting made all the difference in the outcomes of the elections.

THE VOTING BOOTH tells a good story while also making a lot of important points. Marva and Duke have a lot of fun interactions and banter throughout the day as they learn more about each other. Their relationship feels very natural as they are thrust together in the process of getting Duke the opportunity to vote. Through their discussions and their interactions with others, the book also delivers a lot of useful information.

The book isn’t preaching about who to vote for, but it emphasizes the importance of informed voting to shape the future. There is a lot of good information about the rights of voters. In a world where lines are long and conditions are less than ideal, it is important for young people (and all of us) to know their rights.

I don’t think you can go long without hearing some reference to the upcoming election, but here’s my pitch. Every vote makes a difference with major issues on the line! Make sure you are registered and make sure you are prepared. Vote by mail if you can (I always do) and send in your ballot with plenty of time to spare to avoid complications with the USPS!


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