Book Review

REBEL SPY by Veronica Rossi

Rating: 4 / 5

I received REBEL SPY by Veronica Rossi in my YA Once Upon a Book Club box. This was a new to me book before opening the box, but after reading a bit about it, I was excited to read it!

REBEL SPY depicts a fictional story around a very real character, Agent 355. Agent 355 was a New York society girl who acted as a spy for George Washington during the Revolutionary War, but little is known beyond that. Her name, her background and how she became a spy has been lost to history.

In Rossi’s reimagining, Frannie Tasker works shipwrecks the Bahamas, working for her domineering and shady stepfather. She knows very little about the war, but when a shipwreck near her home brings the body of a young woman to shore, she steps into Emmeline’s shoes when a British ship arrives to rescue her. Frannie (as Emmeline) sees the darkness of the war and she decides to take advantage of her high position in society to collect information for the rebels.

I love that this book takes a look at a real woman from history who sought to further a cause she was passionate about. So little is known about her, a fact that hopefully kept her safe in her own time, but the author really brings Frannie/Emmeline to life in the pages of REBEL SPY. The story mixes a bit of romance and a bit of intrigue with a fantastic historical fiction set in a time period I haven’t read a lot about.

I really enjoyed Frannie’s character. She is brave and intelligent, though a bit impetuous at times which can lead to both the good and the bad. She’s presented with an opportunity to advance herself and escape her stepfather, but she’s willing to risk everything for what she believes is right.

I would definitely recommend this one to historical fiction fans!

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