Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

There aren’t many Stephen King novels that I haven’t yet read, but I’ve been reading the Bill Hodges trilogy over July and August for the first time with the #constantreadersbookclub on Instagram. FINDERS KEEPERS is book two in the series.

FINDERS KEEPERS begins with a robbery. Famed author John Rothstein made his name on a character named Jimmy Gold. Super fan Morris is horrified that his fictional idol Jimmy has ended the series in a way that seems entirely against his character. Morris decides to get revenge on the author, killing him and emptying his safe of both cash and a stockpile of notebooks containing more to Jimmy Gold’s story. Morris stashes the goods away before he winds up in jail just waiting for his release to go retrieve what’s his.

Many years later, a young boy named Pete finds a trunk buried in the woods. Inside it is money that his family very much needs after his father was severely injured in the events that kicked off book one, MR. MERCEDES. Several more years into the future, Pete finds himself in over his head when Morris gets out of jail and is determined to get Rothstein’s notebooks back. Enter Bill Hodges and his team who must determine what is going on and how to keep Pete safe.

After really enjoying MR. MERCEDES, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the sequel. I was actually surprised at how much of the story had passed before Bill Hodges came into play. Still, the accident that waylaid Pete’s father was a clear connection to the first novel. This story bounces back and forth between the perspectives of Pete and Morris for much of the novel, with the addition of Hodges later on. I really enjoyed the different timelines and voices between Pete’s youthful and hopeful voice as he truly sought to do right by his family and Morris’ corrupt, not entirely sane possibly voice which had none of Pete’s goodness.

This is another mystery style novel where we really know the answers from the beginning, but the entertainment comes from playing such different characters against each other to see how things will wind up. I thought that the characters and their conflicts were well developed and the story kept me hooked.

My ordered book got stuck in numerous delivery delays I wound up doing this one entirely on audio before the hard copy showed up and the audiobook was fantastic! I am really enjoying this trilogy and look forward to finishing it off with END OF WATCH before the month is up!

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