Monday Morning Reading Check In

Spoiler alert (not that anyone would be surprised) my September TBR is out of control and full of some long books! When I realized I had nothing in my currently reading stack, I debated what to pick up and just couldn’t come to a decision Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning brought a nasty migraine which served to narrow down my choices to things I could get on audio and I ultimately decided to pick up one of the longer books I need to get to by the end of September which did not make it onto my #Bookoplathon rolls!

So for today’s reading check in, I bring you my last book for August and my first book of September (because there’s no way I’m finishing this 800+ page book today), SHIP OF MAGIC by Robin Hobb! This is the first book in the second trilogy of Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderling series, a series I am reading along with #Elderlingalong. I really wound up enjoying the first trilogy though this one is entirely different and I’m not sure how much they will connect apart from being part of the same universe.

SHIP OF MAGIC is set in a world where ships are made out of special wizard wood. When the family that owns them has at least three members die on board, the ships quicken and become sentient beings. Althea Vestrit’s father is the third death that brings the ship to life. Althea loves this ship and fully expects to captain it absent any men in the family, so is heartbroken when her brother-in-law is put in charge and she must watch her beloved ship sail away without her.

Althea is in interesting character, a strong woman in a pretty patriarchal world. The book tackles issues of slavery as a means for those with a ship to make a quick buck but a despicable practice and the inclusion of a sentient ship with her own feelings adds even more complexity. With little to do yesterday but lay around and listen, I actually came close to the halfway mark for this book and I’m excited to finish it over the next couple days.

I didn’t pick anything else up yesterday, so it is a short currently reading post this week. What are you finishing up your month reading?

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Reading Check In”

  1. That sounds like an interesting book! I hope you enjoy it:)

    I am reading “The Marked Girl” by Lindsey Klingele and I don’t think I will finish it today either


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