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Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES by Grady Hendrix was on my radar the first time I saw the title as an upcoming release, so it was a perfect pick for this year’s Popsugar Reading Challenges’ book I read because the title caught my eye. Some trusted sources also really enjoyed it, so it of course made it into my shopping cart!

THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES follows a group of 90s house wives, primarily Patricia Campbell. The women initially are part of very prim and proper bookclub focusing on the classics, but it just isn’t a great fit. Instead they branch out on their own to dig into what really holds their attention – true crime. Suddenly everyone is reading the books and has lots to say when they gather.

Outside of book club, strange things are happening. Patricia is attacked by an elderly neighbor who later dies of a strange blood disease. The woman’s nephew is moving into her home and he’s a bit… off, shall we say? An aversion to sunlight and some strange requests have Patricia stepping in to help him out. In the poorer region of their southern town, children have begun to show strange signs of something victimizing them as well and Patricia is wrapped up in the mystery.

This book is bizarre and strange, a bit gory and a lot of fun. I can certainly see why it might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it! It takes a vampire tale and gives it a unique spin while taking a look at the lives of the woman who really are at the center of the story. While we primarily follow Patricia, we get a good insight into her friends’ very different lives as well! It depicts a southern wife as a support to her husband and her children with little chance to choose what to do and enjoy on their own. As the story unfolds we see the women break out of their molds, each in their own time.

It just so happened that my local cupcake shop had a peach cobbler cupcake on offer at the perfect time for this photo and it was delicious!

Reading Challenges:

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  1. I’m glad you liked it! I have been hesitant to pick it up since I didn’t really like ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’, but your review is starting to sway me 🙂


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