Book Review

MEXICAN GOTHIC by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I picked up MEXICAN GOTHIC by Silvia Moreno-Garcia from BOTM without knowing much about it. I then heard a lot of mixed reviews so was even more curious to see how I felt about it. I joined in with the Bookish Ladies Club buddy read for August to give it a read!

MEXICAN GOTHIC is set in 1950s Mexico. Noemí Taboada receives a letter from her cousin begging for help, so she sets out to High Place, the family estate belonging to her cousin’s new husband’s family. Noemí is used to getting her own way, spending time out on the town attending parties in glamorous gowns. When she gets to High Place, she is immediately shocked at its state of disrepair and the lack of welcome she receives from the family.

Noemí’s cousin is suffering from some unknown ailment which leave Noemí with little company so she sets out to explore the estate. Her dreams are plagued by the the creepy house and the family that lives inside. The family has a dark history waiting to be uncovered. She does befriend the family’s youngest son who seems to want to be of assistance to her, but can even he be trusted with her life and that of her cousin’s on the line?

One of the chief concerns I heard about MEXICAN GOTHIC is that it is very slow to start and I do agree that it is, but not unusually so for a book written in a gothic style. The author does a fantastic job of building up the atmosphere and the feeling that something clearly isn’t right here. I think going into this one expecting the slow build up helps a lot. Noemí’s dreams bring a very strong creepy factor into play well before the action on the page heats up.

I liked Noemí a lot. She is young and a bit naive at times, but she is strong willed and not one to bow to the family’s expectations. She is fully capable of standing on her own two feet to look out for her interests and her cousin’s. When things seem to be mysterious taken out of her control, it ups the creepiness.

There was a lot of debate about the ending in the buddy read, I think I may have been expecting a bit of a different type of twist, but overall I thought it worked well in the end and brought about a satisfying conclusion for Noemí’s story.

Overall this is one I would recommend if you enjoy gothic and well crafted slow-build stories!

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