Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

HUNGER MAKES THE WOLF by Alex Wells was the August book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. This takes place in a world where interstellar travel and the planet we’er on are controlled by TransRifts Inc. We’re primarily following Hob, a young woman who was orphaned and left on the planet when she was ten years old. She was taken in by Nick, leader of a biker gang known as the Ghost Wolves.

As our story opens, Hob discovers the body of Nick’s brother and no one knows where his daughter is. Nick’s brother. We begin with the mystery of what happened to Nick’s family and the mysteries continue to evolve from there. There is much to discover about the planet and its inhabitants.

I wound up getting this one on audio and really enjoyed it! There is a rather large cast of characters initially and the book does dump you pretty quickly into the action of it, but the audio was well done and the narrator did a good job of distinguishing different characters with different accents which helped a lot. I found that I was hooked into the story quickly and interested to see how the story and the world developed.

There is a lot going on in this one with elements of both science fiction and fantasy. We’re on a planet where technology has evolved, but there are portions of the world which also feel very much part of the past. Much of the population is tied to the mines, stuck in poverty and working in less than ideal settings to make ends meet. There is also a somewhat mysterious magic system where some people have an otherworldly ability that they don’t entirely understand.

This one is the first in a series and while some questions have answered, many questions are not. I am eager to get to book two to see where the story takes us next!

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