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Rating: 3.5 / 5

I received TUESDAY MOONEY TALKS TO GHOSTS by Kate Racculia in a book box last year and it sounded like something I would really enjoy. Not quite sure why it took me this long to actually read it, but I was glad to finally pick it up!

TUESDAY MOONEY TALKS TO GHOSTS follows the title character, a loner who really only has a few friends and those are more because they’ve insinuated themselves into her life. When a massive Edgar Allan Poe themed treasure hunt is launched in the wake of an eccentric billionaire’s death with potential billions on the line, Tuesday is one of many who decides to join in the hunt.

Tuesday loves a good puzzle and her friends are intrigued. Added to those aiding her is a handsome and intriguing young man who clearly has secrets he’s keeping. The treasure hunt will bring danger and secrets as they get closer to the big prize and the competition gets more serious.

This was a fun read! I can definitely relate to some aspects of Tuesday Mooney! Her desire to stay in, enjoy a good puzzle (or in my case a book) and step away from the pressures of the outside world was relatable even before all that is going on in the present day! Still I can also relate to her curiosity about an Edgar Allan Poe themed treasure hunt, though I probably wouldn’t have been as quick to act! Tuesday may be an introvert, but clearly someone who collects people to her and I enjoyed the cast of quirky characters that come together.

Tuesday is also dealing with a very real trauma from the past which is still haunting her in the present day. The title implies talks to ghosts, but the text leaves you to wonder whether this is meant to be literal or figurative. Either way, Tuesday’s reflections on friendships of the past and the present adds an extra layer to the fun mystery of the book.

Overall this was a fun read full of fun adventures and just enough mystery and intrigue and ghosts to make it a good read for fall!

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