Book Review

END OF WATCH by Stephen King

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I’ve been reading the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King over July and August for the first time with the #constantreadersbookclub on Instagram and END OF WATCH is the final book in the series. This is my first time picking these up and I’ve really been enjoying the series.

Beginning with MR. MERCEDES, the series begins with a tragedy that links all of the books. A young man steals a MERCEDES and purposefully drives into a crowd of desperate unemployed people standing in line for a job fair. In book two we depart for a while from the main characters of MR. MERCEDES, following in part the family of one of the Mercedes Killer’s victims. With this final installment, END OF WATCH really circles back to where book one left off.

Significant trigger warnings for suicide with this book.

It is hard to say a lot more about the plot of this one without getting into spoilers for the previous books. With the buddy read chat we talked a lot about how this series is perfect for those who want a taste of Stephen King’s writing without wanting to tackle horror. The series is largely mystery. The tragedy that kicks things off is absolutely horrific, but sadly all to possible in reality.

All that said, END OF WATCH is the book that veers the most into what I think of more ‘typical’ Stephen King wrapping some supernatural back into the forefront of the story. I find that Stephen King does genre mashups quite well and I thought it worked really well here to bring the series to a satisfying close.

I am very glad that I finally got the chance to meet Bill Hodges and his interesting sidekicks and I look forward to watching the MR. MERCEDES TV series adaptation!

3 thoughts on “END OF WATCH by Stephen King”

  1. Great review!:)

    I’m currently reading his book ‘Pet Semetary’ for a Discord read-along, and it’s the only book I have read by him other than ‘The Shining’. Your review has made me interested in his Bill Hodges trilogy though:)

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