Book Review

PARIS BY THE BOOK by Liam Callanan

Rating: 3 / 5

When the prompt came up to pick a book with a place name in the title, I had a lot to choose from. If you follow me on Bookstagram you may have seen that I did a poll to narrow down my city choices and Paris was the winner. Even then I had two books with Paris in the title, so I let Kylee pick which one I should read! It only seemed fitting that she get all dressed up to show off her pick!

PARIS BY THE BOOK by Liam Callanan follows Leah and her two daughters in the wake of her husband’s disappearance. He’s been known to leave on a whim to pursue his writing, but not for this long and many believe he isn’t coming back. Leah finds some tickets to Paris her husband had purchased and takes her daughters overseas. While there they make a new life, buying an English-language bookstore while still looking for their missing family member.

Trigger warnings for discussion of suicide.

This was an okay read for me, but not one that I loved. I thought the author wrote well, but I didn’t find myself particularly surprised at the twists that came into the story and I was frustrated with the characters at times. We get flashbacks to Leah’s beginnings with her husband and their life up through the present and to me there were a lot of red flags that Leah maybe should have seen. Paris was Leah’s dream destination and her relationship with her husband was equally romanticized to the point where she almost made a conscious decision not to recognize those warning signs. This was a bit more character driven than plot based than I had expected as well.

This book did leave me remembering my own fun vacation to Paris with friends years back (and seriously craving a crêpe au chocolat) and I enjoyed getting the chance to travel via the pages!

Reading Challenge Categories:

#AroundtheYearin52Books – a book with a place name in the title

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