Book Review

INVISIBLE GIRL by Lisa Jewell (Out 10/13/2020)

I received a complimentary copy of INVISIBLE GIRL by Lisa Jewell. Thank you to Atria and Netgalley for the chance to read for an honest review!

Publication Date: 10/13/2020

Rating: 3.5 / 5

INVISIBLE GIRL centers around Saffyre, a girl who has experienced trauma in her young life which still haunts her today. She has spent time in therapy with a child psychologist Roan, therapy that she feels ended too soon. Roan is married to Cate, a woman who feels that her husband is keeping things from her and at one time felt that he may have been having an inappropriate relationship with Saffyre. Nearly a year later this break in their mutual trust is still haunting their marriage. Little does Cate know that Saffyre has continued to keep tabs on Roan, watching his every move.

Across the street fro Roan and Cate’s rental unit lives Owen, a man who struggles in life. He’s never had a successful relationship and he’s been accused of inappropriate behavior with the female students at the college where he teaches. Suddenly Owen finds himself wrapped up in the story of Saffyre’s disappearance after an excess of drinks the night she disappeared leaves him fuzzy on the details of his night.

I really wanted to love INVISIBLE GIRL but I was left with mixed feelings. I found the writing to be great and easy to settle into, but it was a bit of a challenge to fully connect with any of the primary characters. The book gives us the POVs of Owen, Cate and Saffyre. Saffyre was the character I liked the most of the three, but she was the one we heard from the least given that the story revolves around her disappearance. Cate has a lot of worries about her husband and their children, but she also has a bad habit of avoiding confrontations that might lead to the truth. Owen was a bit hard to figure out. He’s had a rough road in life, but it isn’t clear how much he is creepy and how much he is just socially awkward and an easy target.

In the end I expected there to be a bit more of a surprise and that never really materialized. I do still enjoy Lisa Jewell’s writing and I enjoyed the book overall, it just wasn’t a book that I loved. INVISIBLE GIRL will be out on 10/13/2020!

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