Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

HARROW THE NINTH by Tamsyn Muir follows close on the heals of the first book in the series, GIDEON THE NINTH and I was happy to pick this one up right after finishing the first book with print from the library and a complimentary audiobook from LibroFM and Recorded Books. I really enjoyed the audio for book one, so was excited to have book two on audio as well!

GIDEON THE NINTH had quite the ending, so it is hard to say much about the plot of HARROW THE NINTH without risking spoilers, but as the name implies, the focus is this time on Harrowhark Nonagesimus who is a necromancer from the Ninth House. Harrow has been recruited by the Emperor to put her skills to use though his motives aren’t always entirely clear. Her mission is confusing and beset by many an unexpected obstacle, but it is a wild ride along the way.

So these books are not ones that I would recommend if you need to know everything that is always going on with absolute clarity, but if you’re ready to grab on and go for a ride these books are fantastic! While I loved Gideon’s POV in book one and wasn’t entirely sure about the expected POV in this novel, I wound up really enjoying Harrow’s perspective as well.

The narrator for these novels is fantastic and she does an excellent job of distinguishing character voices. I did appreciate having a print version on hand as well to help with that too.

I absolutely look forward to seeing where the author takes us in book three, so let the wait begin!

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