Monday Reading Check In

Monday Morning Reading Check In

Good morning book friends! I hope this Monday finds your week off to a good start. Last week was rough and I felt like I was heading into a bit of a reading slump going into the weekend, but Saturday brought a fantastic chat with #SaturdayBookstaClub that got me excited to continue on (and finish) THE GHOSTS OF HARVARD by Francesca Serritella and I participated in some reading sprints on Sunday as part of #BookoplAthon which helped me focus too! I was up early this morning and able to get in a few chapters of my current read before turning on my work email, so that started the day on a better note.

Speaking of my current read and yesterday’s reading sprints, one of them had us switching books and since I only had one book in my currently reading pile, I decided to get started on THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson which is the first book for the Stormlight Archive Readalong and by far the most daunting of the books on my September TBR given that it was so big they had to split it into two volumes! Thankfully now that I’ve started it, I’m feeling more confident in my ability to get this one done this month!

Given that I am only 200 pages into a 1100 page book and it is only book one in what is eventually supposed to be perhaps ten books I think, it is hard to say a lot about the plot of this one. Most of what we have seen thus far is setup for the bigger picture. Still, I am finding this an easy read to settle into, perhaps because I have read a few of Sanderson’s other books and have a better understanding of his style. While the initial setup for a new fantasy world and magic system can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially when it starts out feeling like you’re already in the middle of things, I do feel confident that I don’t need to fully absorb everything now. Sanderson is good at providing reminders to his readers as things go along!

In addition to this one, I am just starting in on THE FIRST SISTER by Linden A. Lewis for a buddy read chat this weekend. While probably not my best idea to start two new fantasy type books at the same time, both are distinct enough that I think it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know a lot about this one going into it, but so far I’ve met First Sister. She is a woman without a name or evidently any rights and her voice has been literally taken from her. She is there to serve the men of Earth and Mars, but their power over her is cruel and it is quickly evident that she is not going to take it any longer. From the synopsis, I know there are more central characters yet to meet and I look forward to it!

I also finished THE OUTSIDERS by Stephen King last week, so will finally be picking back up his story collection IF IT BLEEDS to finish the one story I had left that I put off until after THE OUTSIDERS for fear of spoilers! I really enjoyed THE OUTSIDERS so look forward to seeing where the overlap lays!

I hope your Monday and your week are off to a lovely start! What are you reading today?

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