THE BOY IN THE FIELD by Margo Livesey

I received a complimentary copy of THE BOY IN THE FIELD by Margot Livesey from Harper Books for an honest review.

THE BOY IN THE FIELD begins in 1999 with three siblings, Matthew, Zoe and Duncan Lang, on their way home. While walking through the titular field they come upon a bloody boy laying unconscious, likely saving his life. In the aftermath, the narrative turns to follow each of the siblings individually as they mentally process what they have gone through, each with their own take on the incident.

The story follows the siblings in the years following the event. Matthew becomes obsessed with finding answers and doing some investigating of his own. Duncan is the adopted son of Matthew and Zoe’s biological parents and the incident sends him on a quest to find answers of his own about his origins and his birth other. Zoe becomes more interested in relationships in the wake of the event, meeting a young man and getting wrapped up in her first romantic relationship.

I found THE BOY IN THE FIELD to be a narrative that was easy to slip into even though it begins with a violent encounter. As the narrator moves from a third party account of the initial incident into a shifting POV between the three siblings, the author does a great job of distinguishing each of their voices and personalities. While a psychological drama, it is also a coming of age drama in three parts as the trio explore family relationships, romance and sexuality.

From the way they each perceived the boy in the field in a slightly different way to the different ways each of them internalizes the experience, I found the author’s exploration of the characters to be very interesting! This is worth an addition on your shelf and your TBR. THE BOY IN THE FIELD is out now!

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