Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE LYING GAME by Ruth Ware is one I picked up last year and have been wanting to get to. It seemed the perfect book to take along to the beach in Santa Barbara and a perfect summer thriller!

THE LYING GAME kicks off when three women, Fatima, Thea and Isabel receive a text from their friend Kate which says only “I need you”. Though they were best friends back at their boarding school when they were young and have since gone their separate ways, there isn’t a doubt in any of their minds that each of them will be making the trek back to see Kate and each other.

Back in school, the girls participated in the Lying Game which had them telling lies to fellow students and teachers, the objective being to get their marks to buy into the lies. The only ones safe from the lies were those in on the game. Their success fueled their need to rebel, sneaking out at all hours to spend time with Kate’s family and in the end it gets them expelled from school. Now, all these years later, something has been found along the coast and it brings all sorts of mysteries to the surface.

I really enjoyed THE LYING GAME! This was a perfect read for my beach front vacation, between the coastline and the focus on friendships! Thankfully my actual vacation wasn’t quite so dark! I loved the relationship explored between these four women. Their common past gives them a bond even though they are all very different in the current day. I loved the idea that each is willing to drop everything from jobs to families to return with a friend’s call for help!

Being a thriller, there were some dark twists and mysteries behind that friendship loyalty between the women. I thought that the pacing was done well as the author took us back and forth in time to uncover what was found on the beach in the initial scene and what actually happened all those years ago when the girls were playing their game. Though there were some twists that I did see coming, there were some that I didn’t expect. I thought Ruth Ware did an incredible job of building up the atmosphere of Kate’s crumbling home as well.

This is one that I really enjoyed and it was a quick thriller read! I look forward to picking up more from Ruth Ware soon!

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