Monday Reading Check In

Monday Morning Reading Check In

Happy Monday everyone! I took off Friday to give myself a long weekend with time for reading, a bit of book shopping and some excellent time with friends. Unfortunately that means heading back to work today with some catching up to do! As always, coffee is key!

I have been wanting to finish out the SIX OF CROWS duology by Leigh Bardugo after enjoying the first book so much, and it was finally time to pick up CROOKED KINGDOM this week. I won’t say a lot about the plot in this one because it really builds off where SIX OF CROWS leaves off, but I’ve really been enjoying it. It took me a bit to settle back into the story, but Bardugo has written some vibrant characters who really stuck with me which helped me to pick up the story. As the book goes along, the energy and action continues to pick up and I’m hoping to finish this one off tonight.

Alongside this read, I am finishing off THESE WITCHES DON’T BURN by Isabel Sterling which is the first #SaturdayBookstaClub pick for October. We had a fantastic chat about the first half of the book on Saturday, so I’ve been eager to get back into it. We’re following Hannah, a young woman and witch who is part of a coven in Salem, Massachusetts. It is vitally important that magic is kept under wraps and out of the public eye, but Hannah keeps winding up in situations which put her at risk. I have a lot of unanswered questions that I’m hoping to have answered as I keep reading!

I hope your Monday is off to a lovely start! What are you reading today?

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