Book Review

CROOKED KINGDOM by Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 4.5 / 5

The SIX OF CROWS duology by Leigh Bardugo is one that I’ve been wanting to get to for the longest time. I finally got to SIX OF CROWS earlier this year and have been trying to squeeze CROOKED KINGDOM in ever since, especially since I had the perfect candle pairing from Wicks by Pearl!

CROOKED KINGDOM follows quickly after SIX OF CROWS so it is hard to say a lot specifically about the plot of this one without spoilers for the first book. We’re following a crew of characters with varying degrees of magical abilities of different types. Magical types are considered to be very “other” in their culture. As with the first book, relationships are complicated and twisted, but they make a cohesive team to pull off seemingly impossible feats.

The first book took me a bit to settle into the world and the characters and that was somewhat true getting back into the rhythm of where the first book left off. The author has created a unique cast of characters who did stick with me though, so getting settled into this book did not take nearly as long. The book switches back and forth between multiple POV characters who each have a unique voice and perspective.

The characters have an amazing ability to think three steps ahead, putting sleight of hand and misdirection worthy of the best thieves and petty criminals to good use along with magical tricks. The author does an excellent job of the misdirection too, keeping the reader’s focus elsewhere while her characters are up to their tricks.

This was a fun read to kick off October and even included some unexpected monsters which did evoke a spooky reading month feel as well!

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