Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE DAUGHTERS OF FOXCOTE MANOR by Eve Chase was an adult Once Upon a Book Club book box pick from a couple months back and I finally managed to add it to my October reading. It sounded like a good, twisty mystery to add to my fall reading schedule!

THE DAUGHTERS OF FOXCOTE MANOR follows the Harrington family in 1971. After a fire at their home adds on to the list of tragedies the family has suffered, the mother and children retreat to Foxcote Manor in the country along with the nanny Big Rita while the father stays behind in London. There they find a baby and take her in, keeping her secret lest she be taken from them. Tragedy isn’t done with the family, however. Soon a body is found near the home and the family is at the center of drama yet again.

In the present day, we’re following Rita’s daughter Sylvie as she deals with the aftermath of an accident that left her mother in the hospital in addition to family drama of her own with her estranged husband and her grown daughter. Sylvie begins to find clues to what happened back in 1971 and as the novel continues the storylines become more and more entwined.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this novel as it started out a bit on the slow side, definitely with a bit of a gothic feel with the stately country home and the overall tension of the family. I wound up being entirely hooked however on figuring out how the stories would come together with the multiple points of view and the secrets to uncover. While there were some twists that I suspected might happen, there were definitely surprises along the way as well!

Rita is only an active presence in one of the two timelines, but her character leaves a lasting impression in both. The author does a great job of showing Rita as a strong, caring woman with her family, but also explaining how it could be that Sylvie didn’t know any of the history of 1971 before she started exploring on her own.

I was impressed with this novel and will definitely look to read more from Eve Chase! As usual, the experience of getting to open some gifts along the way only added to the enjoyment!

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