Book Review

THE STAND by Stephen King

Rating: 5 / 5

After reading a few new to me Stephen King novels over the past few months, the #constantreadersbookclub on Instagram returned to an old favorite over October November! THE STAND is one that I have read a couple times and I’ve watched the TV adaptation quite a few times, enough that I could picture the movie scenes playing out as I reread it this time.

THE STAND is of course the Stephen King novel most talked about as COVID started this year, though King was quick to point out that the similarity was limited because COVID is survivable. In THE STAND the world is struck with an epic pandemic after containment is breached for a man made virus, a virus that cannot be survived. The select few who are immune begin to have vivid dreams which seem to draw them to new leaders, one for the good and one for the evil. Soon two new societies are forming and the battle for good versus evil is on.

THE STAND is probably the first HUGE book I ever read growing up and the story still kept me hooked this time. I really enjoy the characters that King develops. There is a clear line drawn between good and evil, but there are also characters who are walking that line and feeling the pull from both sides.

The book also takes time to look at the impact of the trauma of this pandemic on different characters and how they handle (or don’t) the impact on their world. I think there are places where this could be done to a deeper level, but given the huge scope of this book and the tremendous cast of characters, I think it handles each story very well.

I am excited for the new TV miniseries adaptation coming out next month and also a little scared to see how they’ve changed something that is so entrenched in my mind! I definitely will be tuning in, though!

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