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WORDS OF RADIANCE by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 5 / 5

I have been participating in a readalong of Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series. These books are huge (so big that the UK editions are split into two still sizeable books), so reading with others seemed a good idea.

WORDS OF RADIANCE is the second book in the series. Set on Roshar, man must contend with the environment with storms which are so viscous they take out everyone. Theirs is also a world of war where men fight against eachother and other beings. There are relics from historic wars, shardblades which make up armor and weapons which are highly sought out and can make all the difference in battle. Strange creatures known as spren exist in numerous forms and in recent days some have become more sentient though no one can explain why.

As with the first book, we are following multiple perspectives. Kaladin is a former trainee surgeon, soldier and slave. Shallan is a scholar and an artist, trying to make sense of the changes going on. Dalinar is a high prince, family to the fallen king, who experiences visions of the past and is compelled to make changes in the future to make the world and his people more united.

I found book one, THE WAY OF KINGS, to be a bit of a slow read, but it really picked up toward the end so I was more excited to dive into WORDS OF RADIANCE. This second installment benefitted from all of the build up that went into the first and I found this one much more fast paced and engaging.

It is hard to say a lot about a sequel like this when most of the action hinges on things that you don’t find out about until you’re well into book one, but this one did up the action and intrigue about the mysteries of the world. With split POV books there is always a danger of liking some sections more than others and I did find that at times in book one. Here, I was equally intrigued with the stories of our POV characters and how they did and did not interrelate.

As of the time I’m posting this one, I have already finished the first half of book three, OATHBRINGER and I’m continuing to enjoy the series. Book four comes out this month and then I’ll be all caught up and waiting along with everyone else for future adventures in this world! I’m also looking forward to the live show for this book to hear others’ thoughts!

2 thoughts on “WORDS OF RADIANCE by Brandon Sanderson”

  1. It’s time to pick up this series again, I need to read book 3&4 maybe not this year, but at the beginning of next year. I’ve even thought about re-reading the first two books since it’s been so long. What do you think?

    ~ Corina |


    1. Sanderson seems to do a pretty good job of giving some refreshers to where things last left off, but a review of the first couple books probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. There is a lot of world and mythology building in the first books, though the first book was honestly long to get through. Another option could be to check out some spoiler-ey reviews or discussions to see if that helps brings things back ( is the first live show for the readalong I’m reading along with).



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