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INCENDIARY by Zoraida Córdova

Rating: 3 / 5

I received this beautiful special edition of INCENDIARY by Zoraida Córdova in a Fairy Loot box. I hadn’t heard a lot about this one, so when a friend suggested a buddy read I added it to my October reading.

INCENDIARY follows Renata, a girl caught between worlds. As a child she was kidnapped by the palace and brought to live there. Her Robari magic allows her to steal memories from people and she was put to work on the royal agenda. Eventually she escaped and she is now part of the Whispers, a rebel group working to protect the magical Moria people, but her history puts her at odds with most of the rebels since they know she once was used to hurt people liek them.

Dez is one of the few who trusts and cares for Renata, but he is taken captive and sent to the palace. Now Renata must go back to the palace herself. Driven by vengeance for what has been done to both herself in the past and Dez in the present, those at the palace make her question her own memories.

I was left with some mixed feelings about this book. I loved the idea of the magic system. Renata’s ability to take a memory is intriguing. She absorbs the memory as if it is one of her own which can be used to gain information for her cause. She also can perform this service to take away a memory that is paining someone. Too much use of the magic will leave the target hollow, an empty shell. Such magic is rare and it makes Renata both valued and dangerous.

Where the book fell more flat for me was the relationship between Dez and Renata. They have an established romance from page one, but Dez is controlling and I did not care for the way they interacted. Perhaps having more glimpses into the buildup of their relationship would have made his loss have more of an impact on me, but I didn’t really feel drawn in to Renata’s motives when it came to Dez.

Toward the end of the novel there were a few twists that I liked, so I am a little intrigued as to what direction book two will take, but it isn’t one I’m going to necessarily rush out and pick up when it is released next year.

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