Monday Reading Check In

Monday Morning Reading Check In

Somehow it is Monday yet again, and time for another reading update. Can anyone believe this is the last full week before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the US? The month is yet again flying by (while also feeling quite long)!

My reading this weekend was slow going – with a headache that has been nagging, I’ve been getting in some audio and some graphic novel reading, but not a ton of physical reading otherwise. I also took a bit of a break yesterday from posting, something I haven’t done in a long while! I did get to have a fun bookish morning on Sunday though with a trip to Bel Canto Books (hence my new mug!) and a meetup with some great Southern California bookstagrammers, some familiar faces and some new friends too!

Today I am diving back into the second half of OATHBRINGER by Brandon Sanderson, mostly on audio though I’m picking up a few pages here and there in print. Only 30 more audio hours to go! I’m continuing to enjoy this series, though I haven’t connected quite as well with this installment as with the last. I am not sure if that is because WORDS OF RADIANCE (book two in the series) was a favorite last month thereby setting the bar high or if it is just my general reading mood this month overall. Still I’m curious to see where the story takes us and I’m excited for my preorder of the fourth book to come later this month!

In addition to this, I am getting going with LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry as well. It is fair to say that westerns are not a comfort zone for me when it comes to reading genres and I’m not finding the audio narrator to be a favorite, but I am enjoying the change of pace with this one!

What are you kicking off your week reading? I’d love to hear!

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