Book Review

THE PECULIAR FATE OF HOLLY BANKS by Julie Valerie (Out 11/24/2020)

I received a complimentary copy of THE PECULIAR FATE OF HOLLY BANKS by Julie Valerie to read and review. Thank you to Julie Valerie, Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for the advanced electronic copy and finished copy!

Publication Date: 11/24/2020

Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE PECULIAR FATE HOLLY BANKS is the second book in Julie Valerie’s Village of Primm series. I really enjoyed meeting Holly in book one, HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST and was happy to get a chance to make a return to the Village of Primm. This book picks up not long after the first book concludes.

Holly is a bit more settled into her new life in her new community, but she’s still juggling motherhood, a rambunctious dog, a husband who’s still finding himself, a community that is nothing less than high maintenance… oh, and her own personal life and career too. As one might expect, things are not all going smoothly according to plan. In this installment of the series, Holly and her dog Struggle stumble into a mystery about the history of the town and all eyes are on them.

We’ve got a dog dressed up as a unicorn (not something I’d know anything about *innocent whistle*) running amok, a plane landing in the yard, colorful characters and Holly, a woman trying to maintain some level of control… not entirely successfully. When I first picked up HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST I was a bit concerned about how well I could connect to a PTA mom character living a very different life from my own, but I loved Holly even so.

This return to Holly’s life was a fun and lighthearted read at a time when I needed a good light read during a super busy week. Reading about Holly’s over the top situations and stress was a great distraction from my own. I loved the focus on the dog mom part of Holly’s life as well, something to which I can definitely relate (though I have to say my Kylee is a little less prone to trouble).

If you are looking for a fun read (and an excuse to dress your pup up as a glittery unicorn), look for THE PECULIAR FATE OF HOLLY BANKS when it releases on November 24, 2020!

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