Book Review

A WEALTH OF PIGEONS by Harry Bliss and Steve Martin

I received a complimentary copy of A WEALTH OF PIGEONS by Harry Bliss and Steve Martin. Thank you to Celadon Books!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today! I am very thankful this year for the wonderful bookish community I have the privilege and pleasure to be part of, for the publishers and authors and of course for the books!

So pigeons might not be the first bird you think of when it comes to Thanksgiving, but let me tell you, A WEALTH OF PIGEONS really did arrive at my door at the perfect time. Actually, in my initial flip through of the book one of my first finds was a cartoon featuring a pair of turkeys despairing over the approaching holiday, so how perfect is that?

A WEALTH OF PIGEONS is a cartoon collection full of one-panel moments that pack a humor punch. You’ve got lots of subjects from history to travel, mythology to animals. There are quite a few pet cartoons and you know I’m here for the dog humor. I have had quite a few laughs out of this one already and I’ve flagged a few cartoons with particular people in mind to share them with!

Whether your holiday is full of drama and you need some humor to lighten the mood or your holiday is full of good times and you’re looking to supplement with some humor, A WEALTH OF PIGEONS is a book I can highly recommend! It will be perfect for the gift giving season to finish off 2020 on a much more humorous note!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!

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