Book Review

FORTUNE AND GLORY by Janet Evanovich

Rating: 3.5 / 5

FORTUNE AND GLORY by Janet Evanovich is the 27th installment in the author’s Stephanie Plum series and it was a bit of a departure. This is a series that I discovered a lot of years back and have always enjoyed on audio. With the exception of perhaps the first book, there has been a consistent narrator throughout which makes it easy to settle into the story and characters.

FORTUNE AND GLORY continues the story developed in the previous book, TWISTED TWENTY-SIX. When Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur is widowed, her husband left her on a quest to discover a fortune. Others are also on the hunt and this puts them in potential danger. While on the hunt, she still must make ends meet with her job as a bounty hunter and unusual characters and silly situations abound.

This book is a bit of a departure in that it really does continue the story from the previous novel. It is also a departure in putting the series number twenty-seven into the subtitle instead of the title itself. That said, the book remains very true to form to the series as a whole. It is a series that is very formulaic. You know you can expect a love triangle between Stephanie and her two love interests. You know you can expect over the top characters and situations. You know you can expect destruction and mayhem and chaos.

I enjoyed this one, but it wasn’t a favorite for me. This series will always give some good laughs, but I didn’t find this one to particularly draw me in. It was a fun diversion read during a month when that was exactly what I needed, so it was successful in that sense!

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