Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR by Rose Carlyle is a December pick for the Not Yo Mamas Book Club on Instagram and a book I had been hoping to get to so I immediately signed up and downloaded the audiobook from the library. I took the advice of some reviews I saw and was careful to avoid any spoilers. This is definitely a book where going in blind is a good idea.

THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR follows mirror twins Iris and Summer, twins who are near identical mirror images of each other. Though they are close, Iris is jealous of Summer’s life with her husband Adam. They are also pitted against each other in an effort to inherit the family fortune according to their father’s will.

Iris meets up with Summer in Thailand to help sail the family yacht, but a few days into the journey Iris wakes up alone on the yacht. She spends days searching for her lost sister and then scrambles to make it back to land with no water and no fuel. When she finally makes it to shore, she is assumed to be Summer. Iris leans into the role, taking on her sister’s life but quickly discovers things aren’t all as golden and perfect as she had thought.

I was hooked on the audio for this from the very beginning. We get Iris’ perspective throughout the book so we only know her twin Summer through her tainted gaze. Iris a not very likeable character and she makes some extreme decisions. Setting aside her over the top actions, Iris is a very compelling character and I was hooked to keep reading and see what Iris would get up to next. Even though I hadn’t seen spoilers ahead of time for this one, I wasn’t entirely shocked by the final twists, but I really enjoyed the build up to it!

This was a wild ride and I’m glad I bumped it up my TBR for the buddy read! It is well worth picking up and I look forward to seeing what the author brings us in the future!

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