Monday Reading Check In

Monday Morning Reading Check In

Another week, another Monday… Allergies hit me hard last week resulting in a not so comfortable weekend, but I did get in some good reading in between napping and crashing out with some Christmas movies. I still need to psych myself up to make the final push on shopping, but I’m down to relatively easy stuff like gift cards which may need to be online shopping anyway. While I know my cough is allergy related not pandemic related, I don’t think most shop owners would appreciate my business at the moment.

Over the weekend, I made it to the halfway mark of THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE by Samantha Shannon for the #magicmayhemreads buddy read. This has been on my TBR for ages after seeing a lot of fantastic reviews, but the size was intimidating. Having it as a slow and steady type of buddy read over December and January was therefore perfect. I was easily able to settle into the writing even though the first chunk of the book is a bit dense with a huge cast of characters to get to know along with politics and other world building. As you get to know the characters and their relationships, it becomes even easier to be immersed in the story of royalty, dragons and political intrigue.

Last night I also picked up a new read, THE PERFECT GUESTS by Emma Rous (thanks to Berkley Publishing for the complimentary eARC). I meant to just read a few chapters before bed, but wound up flying through the first three-quarters of the book before I needed to get some sleep. We’re following two different timelines, one in the late 80s when a family takes in an orphaned girl as a companion to their daughter, but things end in an unknown tragedy. The second timeline is in 2019 with a murder mystery party happening at the house where the tragedy occurs. There are clearly things going on behind the scenes that the reader wants to know and the rapid pace of the shifts between timelines have kept me hooked to find out what exactly is going on. I will have a full review for this one soon (pub date is 1/12/2021), but I’m really enjoying it.

What are you kicking off your week reading? I’d love to hear!

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