Monday Morning Reading Check In

Happy final Monday of 2020! While I’m not excited for another Monday, I am happy at that sign that we’re about to put 2020 behind us! Christmas was good with just my parents and sister, but after nearly three weeks of staying home sick and not interacting with anyone, a day of talking to people and near constant movement chasing after the pups really wiped me out. The rest of the weekend was spent pretty much wiped out on the couch or in bed with my books and the TV. I did successfully finish off my December TBR as a result, though!

So since I’m done with my December reads, I figured I’d get a bit of a head start on January. I don’t think anyone will be shocked to learn that I have WAY overbooked myself for challenge picks and buddy reads. I decided to get a head start on one of my big books with SHIP OF DESTINY by Robin Hobb. I have really been loving this trilogy as part of the #Elderlingalong readalong and am kind of sorry to see this part of the series end. Even though these have been some of my favorite reads recently, my local library doesn’t even own this book, so I’m relying on the audio and ebook to make it through this 800 pager.

The Live Ship Traders trilogy is set in a world where ships are made out of special wizard wood. When the family that owns them has at least three members die on board, the ships quicken and become sentient beings. By this point in the series we have quite a few POVs, including some that I did not expect to become key, but I’m really enjoying the pace of the shifting perspectives. Robin Hobb has done an excellent job of giving the characters change and growth over the span of the series as well!

There’s a chance I could finish this one before ringing in the new year, but chances are good I’ve finished off my 2020 reading. Are there any books that you are trying to finish up before the end of the year?

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