Book Review

EVENTIDE by Sarah Goodman

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I received EVENTIDE by Sarah Goodman in my YA Once Upon a Book Club box. This wasn’t a book I was familiar with, but I was able to finally squeeze it into my December TBR.

EVENTIDE is set in 1907. Verity and her sister Lilah are sent on an orphan train to Arkansas after their mother’s death and their father’s mental illness. Though they are hoping to remain together, Lilah is immediately adopted and Verity is told that there is only one adoption per family. Eager to stay close, Verity convinces a family to take her on as a farmhand in spite of her lack of experience.

Verity is convinced that there is something wrong with Lilah’s new family and she despairs to see how quickly Lilah settles in with her new mother. When she uncovers family connections to the area and haunting stories about the local woods, she knows that something is going on and that the people she loves are in danger.

I had some mixed feelings about this novel. It was very atmospheric and it definitely kept me guessing to figure out what was going on. The mysterious fog in the forest and the sinister warnings to stay clear certainly built up a tension that kept me reading. I liked Verity and her sense of loyalty to her sister.

On the other hand, I thought that the relationships built in the book could have used a bit more development. There are a fair number of characters introduced and Verity’s relationships to them are pretty quickly formed in some cases. When feelings shift suddenly, the characters all pretty quickly just accept things that didn’t seem to me to make sense.

Overall this was an entertaining read and I did like that it took some twists that I didn’t anticipate. This was a great debut by Sarah Goodman and I will definitely look to see what she brings us next!

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