Monday Morning Reading Check In

I received a complimentary copy of EVERY LAST FEAR by Alex Finlay! Thank you to Minotaur Books and the author for the chance to read and review. EVERY LAST FEAR is out on 3/2/2021!

Happy first Monday of 2021! The long weekend was nice and full of good reads, but of course over too soon. I am not appreciating being back to a full sized work week life! I started off the year with a couple of great reads and I’ve started a few more for which I have high hopes!

My first ARC of the year is EVERY LAST FEAR by Alex Finlay! I have been eagerly looking forward to reading this one after seeing a few friends give it great reviews. As the book begins, four members of the Pine family have been found dead in Mexico, leaving two sons alive back at home. Matt is in college and didn’t join the family on their vacation. Danny couldn’t make the trip because he is in jail for murder. Complicating matters further, Danny’s appeal has been denied by the Supreme Court, but a documentary on Netflix has kept interest in the case alive.

I sat down to just read a few chapters last night, but this one easily dragged me in and kept me reading. The author uses shifting POVs between Matt and the investigator who reaches out to him with the news in the present day, flashbacks with some of the family members and excepts from the documentary transcript. These rapid shifts give a lot of insight and keep up a fast pace as you read. The accusations against Danny and conflicting opinions on his guilt or innocence have created a lot of family drama, more and more of which is revealed as the book progresses. I suspect I will be flying through the rest of this one when I pick it back up tonight!

I was experiencing a shifting reading mood all weekend, so I have a few books currently on the go. THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA by T.J. Klune is one that has made a lot of ‘best of’ lists for 2020 and one I’ve been eagerly looking forward to reading. I’m about a quarter of the way into this one and it is another book that easily draws you in. It is a house full of magical children, some who are quite unexpected even in a world where magical children aren’t all that unusual and I’m eager to learn more about them all.

I started TRUE STORY by Kate Reed Petty this morning on audio. This was a BOTM pick for me a few months back, but one that I hadn’t managed to fit into my reading. It was picked as a buddy read for the #clearingourshelves readathon this month so I added it to my TBR. I’m not too far into this one, but it tackles some heavy subjects. After a high school party, two members of the lacrosse team drive an intoxicated young girl home. The story of what happened to her while she was asleep turns into rumors and accusations and permanently impacts both her and the people around her. I’ve seen some mixed reviews on this one, so I look forward to reading more to see what I think.

How has your 2021 reading been so far? I started off the month with a couple excellent reads and I’m hoping the month continues in a similar vein!

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