Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

BEHIND THE THRONE by K.B. Wagers was the December book pick for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. This was another new to me series and author.

BEHIND THE THRONE follows Hailimi (Hail) Bristol, a woman who was born a princess, but ran away from her family and home and is living her life as a gun smuggler. As the book begins, Hail is being taken back home against her will. Her mother is sick and all the other women in her family have been killed. In their matriarchal society, this means that Hail is next in line to take the throne. Hail’s return to the palace is full of political intrigue and mysteries.

The synopsis for this book promised an action packed space opera and I think the book fell short of living up to that promise. The opening sequence of the book really had me hooked, but when Hail returned to her home planet it really became less space opera and more of a general political fantasy read. I found much of the middle portion of the book to be rather slow and bogged down in a lot of discussions.

The action did pick up a bit at the end, but overall the book had somewhat lost my interest by then. This definitely brought a few twists that I didn’t expect and I can see how this could be setting up for a more action packed sequel as this is the first book in the The Indranan War series. Still, I think I would likely try another of the author’s books but I’m not inclined to necessarily pick up book two in this series.

In the end this was an okay read for me, but not one that really stood out as a book I’d recommend.

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