Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

SHIP OF DESTINY by Robin Hobb is the final book in the Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb, the second trilogy in her Realm of the Elderling series and the sixth book for the #elderlingalong readalong.

SHIP OF DESTINY takes off where the first two books leave off so it is hard to give a real synopsis about this one since so much has been revealed in the previous two books. This is a world where some ships are made from a sentient wood, a rare and highly valued product. These ships are owned by families and when a few family members have died on board, the ship itself will become a sentient being. We’re again following multiple perspectives between pirates and merchants on ships, politicians and others land, with the perspective of sentient ships and serpents mixed in.

I absolutely loved this trilogy and I am sad to know this book brings it to a close. Robin Hobb is not easy on her characters, but she develops them very well and gives them a lot of growth over the span of these books. Characters I initially hated wound up being some of the characters I was greatly invested in by the end. Some still here hated to the very end though. Even those who I was initially drawn to in book one had a lot of character growth in their story arcs.

This book did an excellent job of wrapping up the story lines introduced in this trilogy. I am definitely a Robin Hobb fan at this point and though I didn’t love her first trilogy in the series quite as much, I am looking forward to returning to some old favorite characters when this readalong resumes soon with the next books!

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