Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

I have been buddy reading the Shades of Magic series with one of my booksta besties, and December was time to finish off the trilogy with A CONJURING OF LIGHT. After loving the first two books, I went into this one with high expectations!

A CONJURING OF LIGHT is once again set in a world with parallel universes with varying degrees of magic. Through the course of these books, the main characters have come up against different magics in unusual forms and the battle of good versus evil reaches a climax here.

Book two left off on a pretty big cliffhanger, so this book starts off going strong from there and really keeps the action up throughout. This book brings characters back together who have recently spent quite a bit of time apart so there is more development of the relationships in the book. I appreciated the ways that the characters really lean on each other while still being independent. The author does a great job of showing growth in her characters as well from how they started off in A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC to how they wind up in the end.

Of the series as a whole, I think I liked A GATHERING OF SHADOWS the best. There were a few times that felt a bit slower in this one (possibly due to this one being much longer), but overall this is a series I would definitely recommend for a good, easy and quick fantasy read. I definitely will be picking up more from V.E. Schwab soon!

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