Book Review

TRUE STORY by Kate Reed Petty

Rating: 3 / 5

I got TRUE STORY by Kate Reed Petty as a Book of the Month add on because the premise sounded interesting, but it isn’t one that I rushed to pick up. As part of the January #clearingourshelves readathon, a buddy read was set up for TRUE STORY so it finally pushed me to add it to my TBR!

TRUE STORY is written following two main characters. In 1999, Nick is part of the lacrosse team, a group of boys known for throwing epic parties and being on top of the social world. When a couple teammates drive home an over intoxicated girl, the rumors about what happened with her in that car spread and lives are impacted permanently.

In 2015, Alice isn’t entirely sure of what the true story is of what happened to her while she was passed out in the car with those boys. She works on scripts and is a ghost writer who helps others tell their stories, but she can’t fully tell her own. Suddenly a connection to her past comes up and she has an opportunity to confront her 1999 experience.

This book was a very unique take on a difficult story and I can appreciate some of what it tried to do. That said, I didn’t love the reading experience. The book is broken up into parts, shifting between main characters and time periods and the result wound up feeling very disjointed for me. Nicholas’ stories emphasized his alcoholism and the impact of 1999’s events on him, but they didn’t feel necessary to the story as a whole.

The ending of the book did somewhat salvage my opinion of it as it does give some insight to things that had bothered me throughout the book. I can’t go into details because of spoilers, but I do look forward to the buddy read chat for this one!

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